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1. What to do after receiving the user key in your email?

Start the PageFocus program ( for example, PageFocus Draw), you will see the following "Reminder" dialog box.



Select the "Enter Key" button to display the "Enter Key" dialog box,



then use "Copy (Ctrl+C)" and "Paste (Ctrl+V)" to enter your user name and keys from the email to the dialog box. Then select OK.

If the key code is valid, you will see the following dialog box:


Click OK. PageFocus program will start automatically.


To set up PDF, please see Working with PDF.


For International Languages, see International language Support.


Win10 version is for Windows 10 operating system and cannot be installed in Windows 8 or Windows 7 computers. You will get the following dialog

box when you start the Win10 setup program on a Win8/Win7 system.

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International Languages


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