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Graphic Design and Mini-Office in One Software

This is an easy-to-use, and yet powerful desktop publishing program. It contains a broad range of tools for meeting your daily needs. Use it for creative

drawing, document, newsletter, brochure, flyer, ID card, label, cam/video playback/capture and even design and build your own web pages. Work with

Ghostscript to export to PDF file format or import PDF pages for editing and save. To add form and database, upgrade to PageFocus Pro.


Extensive set of graphic objects including lines, curves, texts, multi-column texts, curved texts, tables, images, spreadsheets, etc.

Work seamlessly with the open source program, Ghostscript, to import and export PDF files

Easy-to-use tools for creating pattern drawing, color gradient, layer control, transparent attributes, unicode text, vertical text, and curved text

Quick positioning, alignment, grouping, resize, rotate, and repetition.

Image editing and annotation

Integrated Cam/Video and Playback image capture

Powerful tools for creating interesting complicated patterns

Label-printing and management tools

Easy to use navigation, shortcut and editing tool windows

Namable objects and pages for easy access and management

Supports spell checks for American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish

WYSIWYG editing

Object library management functions for managing your individual drawings

Direct fax command (if a fax card is installed)

Password protection for your files

Easy access and management of favorite files with "Projects" and folder view tools

Extensive image file import/export, manipulation, and management

Multiple-page file compatible with our PageFocus form development package.

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PageFocus Draw

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