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PageFocus Draw + Form + Data + Report

PageFocus Pro is a drawing/presentation (PageFocus Draw) plus electronic-form and application builder program. It consists of a powerful WYSIWYG form

and document editor, and a runtime EXPO (form filler) program that incorporates a simple database engine for managing database. Work with Ghostscript

to export to PDF file format or import PDF pages. See Application.

The Editor (PFPRO.EXE)

    Create multiple-page drawings, forms, spreadsheets, and documents

    Flexible and easy-to-use drawing, text formatting, curved text tools

    Clipart (object library) utilities, spell-check, and WYSIWYG editing

    Unicode multi-language enabled

    Image editing and annotation

    Integrated Cam/Video and Playback image capture

    Intelligent field types (entry, equation, selection field, table, and report table)

    Runtime command for form/database application development

    Supports text, numeric, image and image pointer data types

    Image editing tools, including arbitrary shape cropping.

    Automatic calculation

    Data validation, field interface, database lookups, retrieves and updates

    Import images as form base, export the completed form to various format

    Automatic date, time, page numbering

    Serial number fields that automatically increment (auto-counter)

    Non-editable, non-printable, or hide fields

    Drag and drop graphic, field objects, and Image files

    Repeat fields eliminating repetitive typing

    Shopping Cart for temporarily holding entry data

    Report Table for searching and displaying data

    Print all or print data only

    Support flexible large size pages

The runtime (EXPO.EXE)

    Form filler, intelligent processing

    Build-in database engine for database management

    Import/Export of database/records

    Runtime command control

    Tools for Image capture directly into fields with Video/Cam and Video files.


We provide customized forms and applications services for PageFocus Pro users. Email us your specifications. We will contact you for further information.

PageFocus Editor

Runtime, EXPO.

Graphic Design, Form Builder and Mini-Office in One Software

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PageFocus Draw

Forms and Database


PageFocus Pro

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